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 The Love Arrow <3 - HAPPY VALENTINE'S

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The Love Arrow <3  - HAPPY VALENTINE'S Empty
PostSubject: The Love Arrow <3 - HAPPY VALENTINE'S   The Love Arrow <3  - HAPPY VALENTINE'S I_icon_minitime14/02/10, 03:55 pm

One early morning on Valentine's Day, Barbie was fast asleep when she felt a painful sting. Since she always slept in the awkward position of
laying on her stomach And curling her legs up to her chest so her chit was in the air, it was the most vulnerable part of her while she was unconscious.
She woke with a jolt, falling out of bed and getting smothered by some mysterious monster. She fought back, crying in pain, when the lights were
switched on and she could finally see her attacker.
"Barbie, WHAT are you DOING?" Dino asked, staring in awe.
"I'm, ahh.." She looked at the pile of blankets that she'd been ripping to pieces. She frowned and stuffed the blankets back onto her bed.
Liam sprinted into the scene and Barbie looked up. For a few silent moments of Liam thinking "What the hell?" and Dino being scared shitless,
Barbie sat there drooling and she muttered three words.
"WHAT?" Dino asked.
"I love fish poo?" Liam tried shaking Barbie back into sanity. "NO BARBIE, DON'T LOVE IT! HATE IT! REPEL IT!"
Barbie coughed a bit, choking on her spit. "Nuh, no. I love YOU." Barbie gave him a great big hug and coughed up a mound of spit over his
Liam tried to pry Barbie off of him.
"Err. Great news, Barbie but since you made such a big mess all over the place I'm thinking you can cl-" Dino noticed an arrow sticking out from
under Barbie's chit. "WHAT IS THAT?!?" She pointed.
"DONT STARE AT MY chit!@##%" Barbie shrieked.
"I'm NOT! I'm staring at whats IN IT." Dino replied.
Liam coughed, covering up a spree of giggles.
Barbie: Shocked
"NOT LIKE THAT!!!!" Dino said. "I mean.... JUST LOOK."
And sure enough, an arrow with a big red heart on it was right there, under Barbie's chit.
"Lolwhut?" Liam said.
"Barbie stand up for a momment." Dino commanded.
Barbie stood up nice and slowly, bringing Liam with her.
"And let go of Liam!" Dino said, rolling her eyes.
Barbie looked as if she had just been slapped in the face. When Dino came over and pulled her two feet away, Barbie gathered up a big gasp
Barbie clawed at Dino and kicked her legs and Dino, cut up and bleeding, gave up and let go of her.
Barbie flung out of Dino's grasp and positioned herself back into Liam's arms.
Liam stared at her in shock.
Dino examined her cuts for a while, then she swung back her hand and slapped Barbie in the face. Slap
Only she didn't hit Barbie, she hit Liam.
Liam fell to the ground, crying in pain and Dino covered her mouth with both hands in surprise. Before she could even mutter the first two letter of
"I'm sorry!" She was swiped off her feet and crashed into the back of the room. She looked up and saw Barbie standing protectively over Liam, her
eyes red and her mouth watering with drool. She was pisssed.
Dino sat there for a while, then she screamed. "WHUT THE FAAAAK?
Liam was thinking the same thing.
Then, having an idea, he reached for the arrow.

Something snapped in Barbie's brain and she looked around the place. Then she asked a question.
"Why is the floor wet?"
She looked back at Liam and he was blushing bright red.
"EW! LIAM! WTF?" She ran out of the room.
Dino climbed out of the wall. She looked at Liam. "That's just Nasteh." Dino said.
"WELL IM SORRY! D:" Liam said.
"Anyways..." Dino said. "Where did this come from?" She picked up the arrow.
Just then, there was a knock at the door. Dino went to answer it.
She was surprised who was at the door and, in shock, she jabbed the end of the arrow into her finger.
A swirl of happiness and just plain awkwardness flowed through her brain. She went to say hello to who was at the door, but the words just wouldn't come out.
Instead, three completely different words came to her mind.
"What did you say about fish poo?" Came the reply.
Justin Bieber was standing at the door.


The Love Arrow <3  - HAPPY VALENTINE'S Shitte10
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The Love Arrow <3 - HAPPY VALENTINE'S
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